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Samsung SCH A930 Verizon Phone

Samsung's newest CDMA transmission phone, the Samsung SCH -A930, was on display at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), held at Las Vegas, last Jan 5-8, 2006. The phone is specifically developed for Sprint's Power Vision and Verizon's V cast, each of that are 1x EV-DO networks, though the entire specifications weren't given. The Samsung SCH A930, a clamshell phone, features VCAST Music permitting users to listen to streaming audio or video, or simply download music depending on the carrier. The front flap of the phone additionally acts as a media controller, with the player buttons on the outside along with a 4-color OLED screen that gives track listings. Downloaded music and videos can be also stored on a removable MicroSD card. The phone features a 1.3 MP swivel camera for taking wonderful photos as well as a video recorder; photos and video clips are stored on the TransFlash card and can be accessed later. The internal display features a 262K color (TFT) 176 x 220 pixel screen for watching live streaming videos. With VibeTonz, a newly developed vibration technology, one will personalize the phone, like totally different vibrations for various callers. Other common features such as SMS, EMS, MMS and email, with AOL, Yahoo! and MSN services for instant messaging. Bluetooth is also available for connectivity to computers and different accessories, devices. The phone additionally features a speakerphone with dual stereo speakers along with advanced speech recognition software package.

Samsung SCH A930 Verizon Phone
Samsung SCH A930 Verizon Phone | CellularCountry
The Samsung SCH A930 for Verizon Wireless may be a sleek, all-black phone with features that position it between the A870 and A990, like a 65K color internal display, blue OLED external display, 1.3MP camera, MicroSD slot, Bluetooth, and music player capabilities. The Samsung SCH A930 supports EVDO for quicker downloads and is Digital-only, which implies it’ll not work Analog-only areas.

The SamsungSCH A930 is an average sized flip phone, weighs 3.98oz and measures 3.59 x 1.89 x 0.98 with an internal antenna. The body of the phone is black with shiny plastic used around the external OLED display and Music Player buttons. The phone is designed well, feels solid in the hand, and will hold-up with normal daily use. The flip works well and is simple to open and close with no creaking noises.

The blue OLED display is 176x16 pixels and shows the signal strength, time, battery level, message alerts, and song data. The advantage of OLED is that it's easy to read in different lighting, in contrast to TFT that is washed-out once viewed in direct daylight. One factor that we don’t like regarding the display was that you need to flip the phone horizontally to be able to read it. To the right are the Music Player Control buttons for Rewind/SkipBack, Play/Pause, and Fast-Forward/Skip Ahead. On the left side of the phone are the Volume Up/Down and speakerphone buttons. The MicroSD slot and 2.5mm headset jack are on the right side, with the Charger/Data Port on the bottom.

The Samsung SCH A930 Verizon Phone uses a standard 1.3MP CMOS Camera that's ingeniously engineered into the hinge of the phone. This permits the camera to rotate a hundred and eighty degrees so you'll see yourself in the Internal Display when taking self-portraits. Photos taken outside in the sun are bright with good color saturation, however edges are soft. Indoor photos also look good if there's plenty of light available. There's a built in flash, which is able to activate automatically once in low light, however the effective range is limited to only 2-3 feet. It's no surprise that photos taken with the Samsung SCH A930 don't come close to the A990's 3.2MP camera, however they're still good quality for causal photography. Look for more refurbished Samsung Phones at and see more great deals and discounted used cell phones.